Sultan Tippu-Portrayal of a true nationalist

  On Sunday the 17th of Feb 2013, I was at Mangalore to attend Samudaya’s 5th state conference. The same evening it looked as if a pleasant weather and a cool breeze was welcoming us to watch a play titled - “Sultan Tippu” written by Mr.H.S Shivaprakash and directed by Mr.Vaduseva Gangera for Kundapura SAMUDAYA 
      The story centers on a great patriot, a nationalist fighter, a secular-minded Tiger of Mysore – “Sultan Tippu”. At an early age he grew up along sides of the battle cannons. 
After the death of his father Hyder Ali, Tippu hired the throne. During his period, all religions, cultures were given equal importance. He was a secular ruler. He was very popular among his countrymen as he had done several developmental works throughout his Empire.
Tippu depended upon his minister – Poornayya (who was also the minister to his father Hyder Ali) till his last days. Poornayya will be loyal to him till the end. 
       Tippu thought his castle was secure. But as he hears the noise of cannons, he confirms that his betrayers and British had invaded him. Tippu had trusted his ministers and close ones to the core. But however, the most important person in his court, Meer Sadhique joined hands with the British and betrayed him. Tippu dies as a martyr, killed at the hands of a British soldier. 
      The director Mr.Vaduseva Gangera did a tremendous job of presenting a very powerful performance while keeping the tempo of the theme which kept the audience mesmerized. Though the play was for around 1 hour 40 minutes, the audience was stuck to their seats as though they had fastened their seat belts on.
       The play in the open air, an exposed stage, displayed a vigorous freedom and space to the actors to perform, which added colour to the play.
        The actors and actresses seemed as if they were actually in ‘the character’ which they were playing. It was as if we (audience) were seeing these characters for real.
I was so impressed while I watched these characters come to life. The director was successful in portraying the emotions of each character.
    All actors were amazing. But standouts were Vikram who played Sultan Tippu and Yashwanth who played Meer Sadhique.
Vikram made true justice to his role of Sultan Tippu. His voice and body movements generated a powerful tension which illuminated the complexity of a character. His acting was really splendid. 
     Even though I could make out that Meer Sadhique’s role was enacted by a young boy, the age factor was hidden as the play went on because of Yashwanth’s versatile acting.
      Director Mr.Vaduseva Gangera has put together an amazing show with swift scene changes, a clear focus and cohesiveness which was impressive. Actors movements exploded into an extraordinary athletic energy and were in blinding speed which kept the audience focused. Each actor made justice to his/her role. They did a blinding display of acting.
For me the most captivating aspect of the play was when Tippu delivers two of his sons as hostages to the British, believe it or not my tears rolled down !! (Later got to know that it was not only me who shed tears but also many).
     In addition, the lighting design of Mr. Sadanand Baindur and the sets by Mr.KM Balakrishna and Mr. Gopalkrishna enhanced the realism of the show (the sets were simple but effective and impressive). I can only describe the lighting as magical, with the beams immaculately placed and spotlights playing their own distinct parts in the show. The costumes were very apt to the period and unique to each group of characters. Music was very pleasant.
      It is a wonderful new play with a message that many of today's youngsters rather everybody will find important. It is an entertaining, sensitive tale that will touch the hearts of each human.
As today, many multinational companies are rushing into India and gulping the resources of our nation. The play “Sultan Tippu” is most powerful in portraying the patriotism. 

Contributed by Kavya Achuth